Over the course of the unit, some students will move faster than others, the “Anytime Activities” are designed to challenge advanced students while other student complete their work. The following anytime activities can be implemented:
Hello! My Name Is… - Not all robots work alone. Sometimes the have to interact with a human or human operator in order to perform their task. To make it easier and more pleasant for the human to understand what the robot needs, robot designers give their robots personalities using sounds and display options. Here, students will do the same with their Personal Assistant robots.
Full Stop - No matter how well you design your robot, sometimes things just don’t go as planned. In this activity, students will design and program an emergency stop button for their robot, to make sure it can be controlled if it gets out of hand.
Ramp It Up - The robot won’t be able to climb stairs, but it should be able to take advantage of a ramp if it can find one. In this Activity, students will explore the physical features of the robot that make it tip or be stable on a ramp. This includes a discussion of Center of Mass and support polygons.