Finish Project 1 test on 10/3

Period 3
Have students use the Scratch Programming site. They have used it before.
Have students go to the robotics page. A link to it is on my webpage.
Have students select the scratch programming toolbox link.
Students are to work on the first three tasks until they are complete.
A few students will try to sneak playing games. Stop them.

Task 1
Make a sprite bounce around the screen. (Challenge - make the sprite spin and move.)
Student Taskcard 1 Video

Task 2
Make a sprite change color when you press the space-bar as it moves around the screen.
Student Taskcard 2 Video

Task 3
Make two sprites have a school appropriate text-bubble conversation.
Student Taskcard 3 Video

Make a Full Speed Ahead page and link on the first page of your wiki. Enter your answers to the worksheet.

Answer questions in the video
Start Full Speed Ahead Projects
Build Robots

Review group roles.
Inventory the number of each kind of part in the compartments of the parts bins.

Sort Robotics parts into the correct compartment in the parts bins.

Introduction to Scratch Programming
7 Minutes of Terror

Getting on the computers
Draw/Name your robot using MSpaint.
Check out photoflexor

Marshmallow Challenge
What is a robot?
Difference between building and programming a robot?

Course Introduction
(Turn in)
Scratch Account